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Tax Form 1099 INT Software: New Ez1099 Released With Data Import Feature

The upcoming tax season will allow customers utilizing the newest version of ez1099 software as a simpler tax solution for printing and filing form 1099-INT. Download and test drive this innovative software at

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 27, 2013

Hot off the press, is the newest version of Ez1099 tax solution software from Accountants and tax filers can now effortlessly print and file form 1099- INT when utilizing the ez1099 software for 2013-2014 . With updates this software will be much simpler solution for tax filers when importing data and preparing form 1099-INT, Interest Income. The newest version was released recently, and is available for download to print and file or efile for more convenience!

“Tax preparers have a new and better way to print and file 1099 -INT forms when utilizing ez1099 for the upcoming tax season. The data import feature saves customers time and eliminates errors caused by retyping recipient data into the form,” Dr. Ge, founder of says.

In addition to 1099-INT forms, ez1099 2014 also assists in compiling, printing and e-filing these other IRS forms: W2G, 1097BTC, 1098s (1098, 1098C, 1098E, 1098 T), 1099s (1099A, 1099B, 1099C, 1099CAP, 1099DIV, 1099G, 1099H, 1099OID, 1099LTC, 1099MISC, 1099OID, 1099PATR, 1099Q, 1099R, 1099S, 1099SA), 5498s(5498, 5498ESA, 5498SA), 8935, 3921, 3922, 1096.

This tax form printing software can print recipient copies on white paper. Recipient forms can also be printed in PDF format (advanced version required) to deliver by e-mail. So Ez1099 software will undoubtedly save users money on preprinted forms and allows for quicker and more flexible filing. Since IRS does not certify substitute forms, customers should print IRS copy A on red-ink printed form or they can generate the efile document that can be uploaded to IRS site.

ez1099 is compatible with Windows 8.1. It can run on Windows NT, XP, Me, 2000, 2003, Vista system, 7, 8, and MAC machine installed with Virtual Machine or Parallels.

The new import feature allows 1099-INT to process even quicker. Cost is only $ 79 per installation for the standard version of ez1099 Software or $ 139 per installation for the advanced version with PDF file creation and electronic filing capability, ez1099 is affordable for any size business. As always, customers are encouraged to download and try ez1099 without any risk, cost or obligation at for evaluation and to ensure it meets or exceeds their needs before purchasing.

The options featured in the latest version ez1099 software include but are not limited to:

1- ez1099 supports tax forms 1099s, 1098s, 5498s, W2G, 1097BTC, 8935, 3921, 3922 and 1096

2- ez1099 blank paper prints out recipient copies.

3- Users save valuable time by eliminating the usually extensive learning curve – ez1099 2012 is designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing users to get started immediately.

4- Quick data importing feature

5- Users are able to save even more time by compiling and saving form data for later use and modification

6- Support unlimited accounts and unlimited recipients with one flat rate

7- Go green with optional PDF document converting and e-file (electronic filing) features

8- From $ 79, ez1099 is among the lowest priced, full-featured software available welcomes all customers to start the non-obligation free test drive today at


Ez1099 Software with Form 1099s printing and e-filing capability is developed and distributed by Based in Louisville, Ky., the software firm is committed to developing financial software for small businesses that is affordable and easy to use. Additional software titles available from include ezPaycheck, ezW2, ezCheckPrinting, ezCheckPersonal, ezACH Deposit and ezTimeSheet software.


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Simple Tips On How To Homeschool Your Kids

If you are homeschooling different aged children, consider unit studies. With a unit study, you pick a topic and the whole family learns about it. The topic could be a European country, the lifespan of a frog or a particular musical style. Each child works to their ability level and everyone helps to teach parts of the unit. This is a great way for peers to share their learning experience. It also cuts down on the amount of planning that you, the teacher, have to do and makes homeschooling easier. Don't forget the 'social' side of school. A child gains much more from school than simply academics. Make sure that your child is involved in activities that a school offers such as sports and music. This can be achieved by meeting other homeschool parents and organizing extra curricular activities at the end of the school day or the weekend.Make friends with your local librarian and she can be a great resource for recommending Click The Link

Looking at a Tiny Little House

I got most of my college debt clear out by a stroke of luck, I just happened to get a settlement from this lawsuit that I had almost given up on. About three years ago I had a car that my grandfather bought me for college graduation. At some point it was parked on the street and got totaled by a guy who was drunk and driving a truck that belonged to the company he worked for. The insurance company did not want to pay, but they finally caved. At any rate I found this little house with blue shutters the other day and I am thinking about what I need to do to get it. The thing costs about thirty six thousand if I can not talk them down, as you might guess it is not that nice of a house. It is tiny, it needs a bit of work and the houses beside it are both run down. That really kills the value of a house, but I am not that worried about that. I figure that both of those places are going to get fixed up at some point, Click The Link

Not a single thing fantastic – Want To Know How To Deal With Back Pain? Read On

Always sit up straight. Your spine should be straight, your elbows should be at your sides, and your feet should be flat on the floor, with one foot a bit farther forward. Your neck should not be craning, nor should you be looking at a downward angle; instead, view straight ahead to your screen. Back surgery can sometimes be used to fix paralysis and restore motion. There are other back conditions, although rare, where there is no other option but surgery. Often, these types of back issues are the result of a degenerative disease or other situation that is difficult to prevent. If your belly protrudes, especially during pregnancy, stomach-sleeping is out. Likewise, back-sleeping is also a bad idea because of the strain it places on your back. Sleeping on your side is a good alternative.Some back injuries can be so severe that they cause paralysis, which can only be treated with surgery. In addition, there are sometimes Click The Link

You actually might need to remember – Tips And Tricks About Hobbies You Need

Are you on a tight budget? Couponing is quickly becoming one of the most popular hobbies in America. Some people spend as much as ten hours a day looking for the best deals and coupons to use. You can begin surfing the web, digging through papers and finding coupons to save you hundreds of dollars each month.Before you decide on a hobby that is right for you, try out a small project first. If you think that you might enjoy quilting, begin with a table runner or small pillow to see if quilting is right for you. If painting is appealing to you, try it out on a small canvass. Although hobbies can help relieve stress, if you spend too much money on your new interest you may find your tension rising. Choose a hobby that fits within your budget. For example, reading, writing and staying informed about current world events are all intellectual hobbies that are either free or very inexpensive. You can take up painting Click The Link

Just what I hear – Solid Advice When Trying Fight Off Those Allergies

Get tested by a doctor to find out what exactly you are allergic to. You can try to find out on your own, but seeing a doctor and having the appropriate blood tests are the only ways to know for sure. Once you have pinpointed the cause of your allergies, you can better treat them. If you're exercising when pollen levels are high, try doing it in the late evening or early morning. Not only is the weather usually better for you to exercise more effectively, but the pollen is also at its lowest levels. When painting, cleaning, gardening or otherwise working near allergy triggers, put on a mask. A mask may not completely eliminate your symptoms, but it can drastically reduce the number of particles you inhale, keeping your symptoms to a minimum. Look for masks that specifically filter dust, pollen or other known allergens. If you run into an allergy you cannot deal with, seeing a professional is the only real way that Click The Link

My own Observation – Tips To Boost Your Network Marketing Earnings!

Though it may be a common piece of advice for network marketing, setting goals is still worth mentioning. Whatever marketing methods you are working with, it's crucial to set attainable, definite goals. This can help your mental status and provide extra incentive as you work. Sit down and set up a monthly budget to stick to. You need to figure out what you can and cannot afford to spend on your business to have it stay healthy. Unless you are prepared to create a detailed, reasonable budget, you will have ongoing problems earning adequate profits.If you have decided to embark upon a network marketing campaign, it is important to consider the overall compensation package that is available to you and whom ever you have partnered or teamed up with. When you are sure of the amount and frequency of your payments and any other advantages you might have coming to you, it makes it easier to commit significant time to the Click The Link

Deep Sea Fishing For The First Timer

If you have a large fish on your hook, do not panic. You can bet a fight is in store between you and the big fellow snagged on your hook; however, the last thing you should do is attempt to immediately reel the big guy in because you risk damaging your fishing rod and/or losing the fish. Set your drag properly and allow the fish to tire itself out before reeling in.Instead of open water, try fishing near structures in the water, such as fallen trees, river banks, and anything else that might serve as shelter to many types of fish. While fish normally feed out in the open, they live and spend most of their time sheltering in these structures, so you may have better success there. An empty, quite shore can be a great place to catch large fish. Be mindful of the weather. Depending on the area you are fishing, weather conditions can influence the type of fish you will catch. Carefully logging weather conditions on Click The Link

Exactly ? ? ? – How Can I Help Someone Get Over Arthritis?

Fortunately, there are many different resources available. This article will provide you with various methods of dealing with your arthritis that will help you live life the way you want to. It can be surprising at just how much help they can be. After you eat dinner, go walking. If you walk after dinner you will feel better and you will have more energy. When you walk, be sure to invite a friend so that you can enjoy a nice visit along with your exercise.Are you reading this article in the hope that managing your arthritis can become easier? Many different tactics can be utilized that make living with arthritis much easier. The below article will ensure you have information about all of them. Continue to read to learn some vital arthritis advice. By far, the hardest thing you will have to deal with when you have arthritis is pain. There are things you can do to limit arthritis pain and its effect on your life. Click The Link

Create A Video Marketing Campaign That Gets Noticed!

You can make your video funny. People don't like to watch commercials that are boring. If you have a controversial or funny commercial, it will catch and hold your potential customers' attentions. Be creative and dare to be different. One good commercial could take things viral. Don't think that anyone is going to watch a 20 minute video. If you have a specific product being demonstrated, the video can last as long as 20 minutes. If you just want to get your name out there or give them a deal, do not go longer than 10 minutes.Make positive videos as much as you can. People like things that give them good feelings about themselves and life, in general. It doesn't matter what you sell because a good video can give a positive vibe. Effective ways to do this include giving compliments to the viewer.Whenever you become more knowledgeable on using video marketing, you should consider creating a podcast every week or Click The Link

My personal View – Learn About Cats Here With These Easy Tips!

If you are adding a kitten to a household that already contains a dog, it is important to socialize the kitten to the dog at an early age. At first, constant supervision is essential. Let the kitten and dog spend time together while you hold the kitten, letting them explore and get used to each other's smells. When socialized early, cats and dogs can live happily and peacefully together.Much like people, cats have been known to develop food allergies later in life. Any time you introduce a new type of treat or food into your pet's diet, watch them closely for signs of an allergic reaction. These include shortness of breath, hives, and erratic behavior. If possible, determine which ingredients are the culprit and ask your vet for recommendations. Keep your cat indoors. Unlike dogs, it is nearly impossible to confine a cat to a yard. This can lead to many dangers for your cat, from cars, dogs, diseases from feral Click The Link

One might need to find out – Ins And Outs Of Using Credit Cards Wisely

Never get cash advances or use a credit card for gambling transactions. Credit card companies often charge high fees for gambling transactions and cash advances. Therefore, it is best to only get a cash advance on your credit card in an emergency situation.If you're able to, always pay your credit card debt off in full every month. In a perfect world, you shouldn't carry a balance on your credit card, using it only for purchases that will be paid off in full monthly. Using credit helps the credit score, and when you pay the balance completely you ensure that you avoid finance charges.It can be tempting to break out your credit card for every purchase, especially if you earn rewards; however, if the purchase is very small, opt for cash instead. Some merchants have minimum purchase amounts for shoppers using credit cards, and therefor,e you may end up buying things you do not need. Only use a card if you're making Click The Link

Absolutely nothing superior – Make Finding A Lawyer Easy With These Tips

Now you should know what you're doing when you are in search of a good lawyer. Use all you have learned to get out there and find a lawyer who will lead you to victory. You will value all of the information you have obtained. Always speak with a lawyer about if you're able to do your own court appearance. Although you don't want to face any legal battles on your own, many times a court date is a formality and just an opportunity to schedule another appearance. This will save you the money your lawyer would charge you to make a court appearance. Ask yourself some questions about the lawyers you meet. Check their professionalism from the neatness of their office. This will give you a good indication of how they present themselves. Determine whether they are quick to respond to phone calls and emails. Notice whether or not they keep their appointments, are late, or constantly try to reschedule you.Lawyers can't work Click The Link

Latest Up-grades – Use These Travel Tips Whether You Are Going Near Or Far

Make a packing list. Put together a list of things you must take with you. You can start doing this a couple of months out, but should be finished about a week before your trip. This can especially help you if you are in a rush to pack, as it will prevent you forgetting things or including unnecessary items.Documentation is key, so be sure to discover what kinds of visas you will need to enter any countries you will be traveling to. Sometimes visas can take a long time to process so it is best to apply for one a long time before you are due to travel. Keep in mind that you can't enter some countries without a valid visa. If you want to take your dog on a trip, make sure you have trained him for the situations you may be in. You should begin their acclimation with short trips so that they become familiar with the process. Maintaining control of your dog throughout your trip assures both his own safety and that of Click The Link

Nine Suggestions – Top Cell Phone Information You Have To Know

Family plans don't have to be used by family. People often are unaware and do not get the discount available to them. These deals can be registered with just about anyone you please. This is simple to do and the companies are not concerned about the various members on your plan.If you live somewhere where you don't get a good signal at times, you should turn your phone off or put it into flight mode. As it looks for reception, it is using a lot of power. Turn of the search function until you have arrived at an area that has a good signal. Try not to use your cell phone in areas that have weak or no signal. Phones will use more power trying to access weaker signals. It does not matter whether you are using the phone or not. Just leaving it on in these areas can completely drain your cell phone's battery life within a few hours.With any luck, these cell phone tips can help you get the most from your own phone. These Click The Link

Annoying Hemorrhoids? Try These Tips For Some Quick Relief!

Water is an effective way to soothe and even treat hemorrhoids. Soak the area in slightly warm water often. Try this at least 10 minutes each day. Also apply cold compresses. You may want to consider a portable sitz bath, available in all drug stores. Hemorrhoids can seriously affect your quality of life, especially on a busy day when you are already facing difficulties. This article will advise you on current ways to effectively care for hemorrhoids. Though the pain can seem overwhelming, healing your hemorrhoids and reducing the pain is possible.Hemorrhoids are extremely itchy, but even so, you must not scratch them. If you scratch, you may get an infection or cause other problems for yourself. If the area is just too annoying and you find yourself needing to scratch for relief, make sure that you use a wet paper towel or another soft material and gently pat the area. The itching sensation might be caused from Click The Link

Advice On How To Get The Best Massage For Your Money

Be open-minded about getting a massage. You might find massage techniques strange when you initially get a massage. Don't let this discourage you from relaxing and having an enjoyable time. Stay relaxed and give the professional a chance to continue with the massage.You, the massage therapist, use your expertise to assist your clients in finding relief from their daily stresses by helping to soothe their minds and mend their bodies. If you are interested in becoming a massage therapist or simply want to learn more about massages, take a few minutes to review this article. With effort and determination, you will be an authority in the field before you know it.Many people are becoming masseuses today. When you work in this field, you can relieve people's anxiety and help them rid themselves of their stress. It means learning all you can about massage, though. Check out these tips for some useful insight on massage Click The Link

Something that I feel – Excellent Tips To Help You Homeschool Your Child

As the parent of a home schooled child, you may feel lost when you do not understand a certain concept or subject as well as you'd like. It's difficult to teach when you need to be taught yourself! Because your child's education is at stake, don't feel bad if you need to bring in another resource or person to help teach the challenging topic. The last thing you want to do is teach your child the wrong thing! Real life will intrude on your school day! There is no getting around urgent situations or emergencies, and normally these things are not planned. Do not allow these things to add stress to your day. It is easy to make up a bit of time the following day when lessons have to be put on the back burner. Don't be afraid to challenge your home school student! Many students' level of knowledge falls outside the boundaries of grade level. It's a good idea to keep more advanced learning materials on hand, especially Click The Link

Tips About Eczema That Can Improve Your Life

When you bathe or shower, be sure to avoid extremes. Water that is too hot or too cold will irritate your skin. Hot water tends to leach all the moisture out of skin and may make your symptoms worse. Set the heat of your water at a comfortable, soothing level to avoid drying out your skin.Never scratch at itchy skin. Eczema can be quite itchy and unpleasant. It is important that you avoid the temptation to scratch. Scratching can cause your skin to only itch more. Worse, it could lead to infection. Find other ways to manage your itching. Try using medications or cold compresses.You should always use sunscreen. This is even more important when you have eczema. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 so you don't get a sunburn. Having a sunburn can make your skin even itchier than usual. You could use sunscreens specifically formulated for the face on the entire body. These are generally more gentle to use.Pay Click The Link

One may wish to realize – Tips On Locating The Best Possible Job

Think twice about being really good friends with your bosses and your co-workers. Setting boundaries between friendship and workplace relationships is important for ensuring a positive working environment. When you bring in a personal element, more conflicts and drama can ensue in the workplace. Avoiding a social disaster can help you keep your job. If there is a company you'd really like to work for, send them your resume. After that, follow up a month later to see what positions are available. You can even show up at the location yourself. This persistence will pay off in the end and increase your chances of getting the job. Keep in mind a resume is just one thing you need to impress with. You must keep it updated to remain current. Your resume is not going to be the only deciding factor. Employers look for enthusiastic and dedicated people that can help their business go in new directions. Consider your strengths Click The Link

What I obtain – Tips And Advice For Coping With Diabetes

One myth regarding diabetes is that it's necessary to always avoid sugar. The key to keeping a little sugar in your diet is to use moderation when eating sweet items. Don't be afraid to indulge in your favorite desserts every now and then. Plan carefully and balance your splurge with the other carbohydrates consumed that day, preferably by bypassing them. You are not to blame when you have gestational diabetes. Most of the time gestational diabetes simply happens for no apparent reason. Stay positive about your pregnancy to avoid adding stress to your problems.A snacking diabetic will have a hard time resisting the temptation that surrounds them daily. It is important, though, that you bypass these snacks and eat a complex carbohydrate, such as fruit or vegetables.Purchase a glucose monitor that has the features you want. Some monitors are fast, some have larger screens, and some can even manage data. The one you Click The Link

Look at this Blog post – Eczema: What You Need To Know To Soothe Your Skin

Eczema sufferers can benefit from cutting their nails regularly. Eczema is an itchy condition. Unfortunately, if your nails are dirty or long, you can create infections when scratching. You can prevent these situations with clean, shortened nails. Lotions and creams do not usually work as well as ointments. Ointments have a bit more oil in them, which generally helps them moisturize more effectively. They are a little harder to apply than creams, however, but they are much better at adding a protective layer to the skin and easing your symptoms. Make sure your nails are well-groomed. Everyone knows they should not scratch their eczema; however, you may do it in your sleep. This may make a rash worse, and if your nails are long it will make the problem worse. You want to be sure your nails are clean as well. Keep your hands protected. Wear rubber gloves while washing dishes or performing another activity in which Click The Link

7 Tactics – Eczema Is A Pain! Use These Tips To Treat It!

Keep your hands protected. These eczema-prone areas are exposed to water and irritating substances like cleaning products. Too much moisture or sweat can trigger symptoms. When you need to submerge them in water, try using rubber gloves. Wearing cotton gloves can also keep hands protected when doing work around the house. Try wearing cotton or leather gloves when doing outside work.Make sure the clothing you wear won't irritate your skin. Synthetic fabrics can lead to outbreaks. Cotton fabrics are the best choice if you suffer from eczema. Wash your clothes when you buy them new, too. Mild detergents and no fabric softeners ought to be used.Resist the urge to scratch. Scratching will only intensify that itchy feeling. It can also cause harm to your skin, including infection. Find other ways to relieve that itch. Use moisturizers, medications, cold compresses, and long soaks in the tub instead. These methods relieve Click The Link

Yeaa ! ? ! ! – Learn All About Wine In This Article

If you are visiting a famous wine region like areas of California or France, do not forget to visit small wineries. These little gems may provide you an amazing experience. These wineries also often do not sell to large retailers, so if you like their wines this might be your only chance to purchase them.If you are ever traveling to wine country like certain areas in France or California, remember to visit the small wineries. Many people don't realize that wineries that are not as well known often have some of the most fabulous wines that are not run of the mill. Often, these wineries do not sell their wines to larger retailers, so this may be your only opportunity to purchase their offerings. White and red wines should be served at two totally different temperatures. Usually, red wine needs to be served about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than white wine. Chill the wine in the fridge, red or white, and then have it Click The Link

Searching for a Cure for Herpes

I am only 18 years old, and I just had the misfortune of contracting Herpes. It was partially my fault, because I met a girl at a party, and if she was willing to get with me at a party, after just meeting me, then I probably should have worn protection. That is just common sense, but I guess I was not thinking clearly at the time. I hope to find a herpes cure one day, because I hate to think what it would be like, in order to live with Herpes for my entire life. It would not be very fun, and that is putting it lightly. I really do not know how so many people in the world keep their sanity, knowing that they have an STD that is just going to keep coming back and causing horrible outbreaks. Maybe I just had a really bad case of it, during my first outbreak, because it was so painful, that it made me cry on a couple of occasions. I guess I could be a bit of a wuss too, and not have much of a pain tolerance. Click The Link

I Got a Job As a Driver

I was sitting at the house the other day when I got a call from this guy I know. He knew I was out of work and he sort of arranged for me to get this job. He said that his boss' partner had gotten himself into a lot of trouble. He meant the oui drunk need lawyer in massachusetts sort of trouble. I was not really grasping what this meant for me, but he told me to go see the guy. As soon as I got there the guy handed me the keys to his car. He did not have a lot of time for the interview apparently and just gave me the keys to one of those really nice Mercedes 500 series automobiles. It was probably an 80 thousand dollar car I guess and I was a bit nervous, but he got irritated because he was in a hurry. I had to get a tablet computer, because I am doing a lot of sitting around and waiting. I flirt with one of the girls who works in the office if we actually show up there. That is about twice a week and it is the Click The Link